Wednesday, March 3, 2010


Hmmm, long time no see!

My dear friends Helicity has arrived and posting day to day meanderings about her so called life. Photos to come!

Well I must say I tried aqua size for the first time today and it took me by surprise. At first I thought of the times I had observed a group of seniors clinging for dear life to bright pink noodles that tend to make an obnoxious sound when rubbed against your skin. They moved slowly wearing those silly tight caps protecting their greying permed hair.

I have been pondering what activities around the community that would interest me while also working my ass into that of which you find in skin mags. I decided to begin my quest of the buns of steel at the pool; an activity which will be compatible with my still healing belly.

I joined the "Mom's & Me" aqua size thinking It would be an enjoyable morning workout while my 14 month old son splashed around the kiddy pool (under close eye of a team of pleasant lifeguards chosen to manage the collection of mostly cheery kids.) My newborn had decided that she was quite content in her cushy pink bundle of a car seat and counted sheep like there was no tomorrow. In fact she slept for another 2 hours thereafter.

I enter the steamy change rooms and strip down to my birthday suit and scramble to pull on an entirely to small pre-pregnancy bathing suit before my son decided to explore to far. I grabbed him and got him into a swimming diaper and all to cute cobalt blue swimming trunks with silver stars encrusted on them. As i entered to main area I saw over ten other children all ready in the shallow end playing on a grand boat made of the same obnoxiously sounding material from before. I handed Daegan off to a young lifeguard and joined the other mothers in the middle of the pool.

The instructor is a petite plump woman with a heart of gold who happens to be a wonderful friend of the family. The other mothers looked in their thirties and all happened to have children older then mine. I prayed that mine being the youngest wouldn't cause too much havoc.

We began with some light stretches to get our blood pumping while listening to some light classical music. We gathered in a large circle ready to start our workout as hard pumping techno rang out over the loud speaker. We did jogging underwater, we did jumping jacks underwater, we did movements from cross country skiing underwater to all out sprinting. I will tell you now that after the 45 minutes I was really ready to relax away tension in the warm swirling rapids in the hot tub.

I will never scoff at those Seniors clinging to the obnoxious sounding bright pink noodles ever again. I also have a new respect for our friend after finding out she runs 3 classes a day ever day of the week. For a woman in her 50's she is very deceiving not being out of breath like the rest of us mothers. On that note I really have to remember to breath. I have tended to hold my breath while doing such activities. I am assuming that not breathing is not such a good idea. I believe I will join them again for session next week.

This is the first step to my ever growing wish to have a body like my husbands girly magazines that every year I seem to be getting further and further from.

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